Protect Flow
Axcient App Feature


How we gave I.T. managers back an hour in each day.

I.T. managers have to set aside time every day to set up protection policies for devices on their network. This is a tedious task that requires manually entering many granular protection settings. We gave IT managers back an hour in each day by creating a setup wizard with automatic settings applied to the device, while allowing further customization if needed.



A cross-functional team was assembled

Product Designer Alan Weibel
UX Designer Teresa A
Product Manager Charlie T
Developers Eng Management Services Team
Stakeholder Scott E — Engineering Manager



It’s difficult to set up complex data protection policies for servers and end points.



Create a setup assistant with popular settings already applied but allowing customization.

Alan's approach to design and experience on the product team helped provide unique insight on projects we wouldn't have otherwise had. Alan quickly became a staple on the team and an important leader on many projects. Danielle Faletra — Global Partner Manager

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