Detect & Protect
Axcient App Feature


How we gave I.T. managers an extra set of arms and legs.

I.T. managers are responsible for hardware and software resiliency but were not able to keep up with protecting all company devices added to their network so we created a feature to detect new devices and protect them to save I.T. managers time.



A cross-functional team was assembled

Product Designer Alan Weibel
UX Designer Teresa A
Product Manager Charlie T
Developers Eng Management Services Team
Stakeholder Scott E — Engineering Manager



I.T. managers of large organizations aren’t always notified when an employee connects a new device to the network and that connected device might not be protected.



Create auto-detection and auto-protection for devices as soon as they’re connected to the network.

Alan's unique skill set is one that you do not often come across. His attention to detail and knack for perfection is what sets him apart from the norm. Alan's collaborative style and eagerness to help others makes him a huge asset to any company he is with. He is never afraid to take on anything new and it is clear that he is always up for a challenge. Reliable, down to earth, polished, funny, and driven—these are just some of the many attributes that makes him a game changer in his own right. Jaemalyn Miller — Senior Manager, Logistics

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