Automating Sales Tasks
Contract Lifecycle Management


How we automated Account Executive's daily tasks to give them more time to focus on selling.

Apttus has a product that allows companies to manage contracts directly in the company's CRM system called Contract Lifecycle Management. After over 40 user interviews, we built a solid persona for a sales person or contract creator. We found that account executives absolutely hate updating complex CRM systems. It's not what they're paid to do. Because of that there has been low adoption by sales. We wanted to increase adoption and automate tasks. If the system is too complex and account executives don't want to use it, don't make them. Our solution was to bring the functionality to an environment they're used to.



A cross-functional team was assembled

Sales Persona Product Designer Alan Weibel
Contract Facilitator Persona Product Designer Nash P
Product Designer Siddhant S
Visual Designer Chris P
Product Manager Deepak B
Product Manager Karishma B
Product Manager Neha J
Stakeholder Neehar G — President, Co-Founder, Chief Solution Architect



How we worked together with customers to improve their experience

User Interviews 40 customers and internal experts
Internal Design Jam Ideation with 8 internal experts
Review research and plan 3 stakeholders
Validate lo-fidelity paper prototype with hero flow, user testing 10 customers and internal experts
Iterate based on feedback
Validate mid-fidelity Invision prototype, user testing 5 customers and stakeholders
Iterate based on feedback
Validate igh-Fidelity Invision prototype, user testing 10 customers
Iterate based on feedback
Review final designs with stakeholders 3 stakeholders
Create design spec for Engineering QA app until 03/31/17 launch



There was very low adoption by sales. Competitors were beating us on deals because of usability. The application was one-size fits all and was overwhelming to certain personas.



Put the functionality in an application account executives are familiar with and only show them what they need to see

After talking with customers we found that the best solution was to design an experience tailored to the account executive persona. We brought the functionality to applications they are familiar with like SMS and other messaging applications through an intelligent chat bot. We also offered proactive actions, traceability and accountability. Since adoption wouldn't happen overnight, we also built a responsive web application for customers to use until they are comfortable with the mobile bot.

Alan thoroughly researched user feedback and product improvements, but coupled this understanding with product strategy and engineering limitations was able to seamlessly integrate design priorities to product roadmap. Karishma Bhatia — Product Manager, Chat Bot and AI

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